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Journey To Hair Care

A little over a year ago, someone from my past pooped by to tell me a story from long ago. (Okay, he “popped by” but this guy had pooped all over my life plenty of times so I feel the need to leave that Freudian typo there, unedited.)

I had moved away from a bad situation at home when I was 16 and when I became pregnant at 17 I was emancipated by my parents. Though I lived a long distance from my high school (because I’d moved in with my boyfriend shortly thereafter) I attended every day to keep up on my classes and grades.

It was smart to do that since I had my first daughter just 10 days after I had completed all my credits to get my diploma.

It did not take long for this boyfriend to become super annoyed with me. I was so young. Not smart enough. Not skilled enough. Every day he let me know how worthless I was while holding a full length mirror at me, making sure I could see how fat and ugly the teenage pregnancy (and working at a bakery) had made me.

Any self worth I had (which was very, very little to start with) was lost to these comments, and though it took a lot to bring back any worth for me, once I did we would eventually go our separate ways.

He reminded me during his visit that day that, during one of our many break-ups, his predicting words to me were along the line of: You will be nothing. Nothing but a drunk loser with 8 kids living in some trailer park somewhere.

Then I, (for some unknown reason but possibly my referencing the days of playing hairdresser with my little sister) put my hand squarely on my hip and said, “That’s not true. Someday, I will own my own hair care line just like Paul Mitchell.”

(More Stories: Tiffany Twisted, June 2004. Available on Amazon.)


Later, when I was in my 30’s and a married mother of 3, my husband told me how he cheated on me. I was writing a book at the time (the one I refer to above) and he hated that. Maybe my writing was my own cheating. We eventually divorced which is always a huge financial adjustment and drain.

From there I had been wearing and loving hair extensions but, eventually, I could no longer afford them.
Shortly after this divorce, I wouldn’t be able to afford my house or food, either.

One day, I was turned on to the food shelf – my only option to feed my kids. They had clothes and household items, as well. I never underestimate the need for this organization...

But, this day, walking into the building and putting my name on the sign-in sheet would send me into such a downward spiral – I had no idea what was in store for me.

The lady behind the desk looks up at me and says, “Aren’t you that author?”

I was in shock and really don’t recall how I answered or how I managed to accept a few bags of groceries from her, but I do know it sent me into a state of the basest hatred for myself, my ex husband, my life. Everything that boyfriend said about me was true: I was a loser barely feeding my family. I could lose my house, too, and then what?

I went home and that night screamed out to God. I said, “You said I will have the desires of my heart! What the $%^& is going on??!!!!” I cried until I fell asleep.

In the morning, I woke with a story.

It was the story of a poor farmer whose farm would not grow crops to feed his family. He had to sell it and they moved away.

A little later, the men who purchased it found the land to be full of oil. Here, the farmer had been “sitting on the means” to feed has family all along.

At the time, I was working with a hair extension method I’d created for myself (to get the hair extensions I could not afford back on my head) and, suddenly, a message came to me: Market the hair extensions.

I knew nothing about this so it was a long road, but I’ve been doing that successfully (enough to feed us and keep a roof) since 2008.

(More Stories: Some Dance, May 2006. Available on Amazon.)


In 2011, my oldest daughter called me and asked what the chances were that I would stay home with my grandson so that she could work.

I said, ahh, zero. But, I have an idea. (I’m not a mean person but enabling any of my 4 children in any way, shape or form is just not, nor ever has been, my thing.)

So, I rented a 500 square foot space and we opened a small hair extension studio (first near St Paul, in White Bear Lake, then Minneapolis) and she began to work with clients who were wearing, or heard about and desperately wanted, my safe hair extension method and Soft bond™ product -- the product I’d created and was told to market that morning.

This allowed my daughter to work less and make more money. (Because, if you haven’t heard already, hair extensions are expensive, thus lucrative, and just a few jobs each week can be enough to support a small family.)

Building this business was still very hard, though. I was extremely lucky, however, that my clients loved the hair extensions I had created. But, here’s the thing: During this time, because my extension bond liked and disliked certain ingredients, I sold a ton of shampoo and conditioner...

For someone else.

After awhile, that company had sold their brand to someone else and the ingredients were using cheapened. Thus, issues began to show up in my hair and extensions.

So, I took this problem into my own hands (along with some special angels sent from Heaven) and put together what I knew to be the most gentle and natural formulation I could, and that would compliment my hair extension brand, WEST COAST HAIR®

JUST CLEAN HAIR™ is the shampoo and conditioner product I am marketing today. What surprised me was how good it was on all of the hair I was testing it on. It was cleansing and hydrating and really allowed the hair strands to shine with this amazing penetration of both light and color. Something great comes out of using quality, healthy and good ingredients and we are reaping those benefits in a big way when it comes to our hair and our hair extensions.

JUST CLEAN HAIR™ by Tiffany Twist has just launched. The reviews coming in are remarkable. Clients are over the top, both pleased and in love.

This AMAZING event marks 28 years from the day that 19 year-old, with a cute little toddler on one hip and a hand on the other, pronounced she would one day own her own hair care line... “just like Paul Mitchell.”

Get it here: JUST CLEAN HAIR™ – Tiffany Twist’s Preferred Shampooing and Conditioning